How to become a Member

Are you interested in joining the chorale? Here is some information:

The County Classic Chorale is open to accepting new members who wish to join, provided they satisfy the musical director as to their vocal competency and pay membership fees. To this end, interested persons may be invited to participate in an ‘audition’, which involves singing a few vocal exercises and some scales, reading a simple piece of music at sight and singing a prepared piece. Auditions are not intended to be intimidating and may be conducted in a group setting with other membership candidates and/or members of the Chorale. Potential members are invited to contact our director Paul Wharram at 519-712-8972 or by email. An application can be downloaded (see below).  Auditions are normally held in June and October. The number of singers in the Chorale averages around 60 and as such, the balance between sections is an important factor determining whether auditioned candidates are invited to join. Membership fees are currently $35 per session, i.e. the fall/winter session and the spring session. Music is loaned to all singers for the duration of each session.

Rehearsals are on Monday evenings from September to November (fall session) and January to April (spring session).  Sectional rehearsals are scheduled from time to time on days and at times convenient to the most singers.  Regular attendance and working on music between rehearsals is expected.  Members are encouraged not to miss more than three rehearsals per session.  Exceptions can be made upon discussion with and the approval of the chorale’s director.

Recruitment for the County Classic Chorale’s 2017 fall session is open for potential new members in all sections.  Depending on the number of interested candidates, some successful applicants may be added to a waiting list until such time as vacancies occur.  Former members will be given priority provided that they are able to meet upcoming rehearsal commitments. Auditions closed on June 30, 2017.  For more information, please contact Paul Wharram .   (As vacancies become available, auditioned singers may be invited to join.)  

If interested in singing in future sessions, download an application (below).  Once your application is received, you will be contacted.  New members will be warmly received and welcomed into our singing family.   

A list of guidelines and expectations is available below:

Guidelines and Expectations 

Download application form (as a pdf file)

Application form (as a Word file)